A New Theme for September


As the summer of 2018 draws near an end and we launch into the new month of September, Aireon Therapeutics is going to switch gears with our content delivery.  Over the course of the next five weeks, on this news feed, our Facebook page and LinkedIn we are going to start a new theme.  

The new theme will be a general overview of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP.)  As our company grows, as our following of customers grows and our scientific breakthrough grows new technology, it becomes important for everyone to have a baseline of knowledge.  By creating a knowledge baseline, we can all have a great overview of the Obstructive Sleep Apnea disease and CPAP therapy.  This review of the basics and baseline formation will allow us to all walk forward into new technology intelligently.  It ensures we can all work together for the greater good of everyone to reads our content.  

So, starting this week we will start distributing curated content and original posts that combine to grow our total knowledge base.  The articles will start with the basics of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, build to an overview of everything we learn together and finish with a  look to the future of Obstructive Sleep Apnea/CPAP Therapy.  

We hope you will follow along and learn with us at we learn and discuss the basics so we are all better informed and well versed in the care of our issues.  To participate in this program, ensure you are following us on either our Facebook page or LinkedIn.  Both social media accounts are linked at the bottom of our website for easy locating.  We hope you'll follow and participate in the discussion.  

A New CPAP Hydration Fluid Review

Hello everyone and welcome to the Aireon Therapeutics Blog.  Today we have the pleasure of sharing with you another CPAP Hydration Fluid video review.  However, this time the review is a bit different.  The perspective of this review comes from the point of view of a CPAP users spouse.  Enjoy and like always, please check back to our blog often for more information and tips that will help you comply with your CPAP therapy.  

Why is CPAP Heated Hydration Important?

To make this explanation very simple, let’s think of the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device as a box with a high-pressure fan inside.  The fan spins and pulls air from your bedroom into the box.  Once inside the box, the fan accelerates the air to cause pressure and this pressurized air exits the machine via the tube, through your mask and into your airway to keep it open while you sleep. The actual workings of this process are more complicated, but this is basically the process for how a CPAP device works.  


Now that we understand how the CPAP machine is functioning, let’s look at the details.  The air pulled into your CPAP machine and pressurized is the same air that is circulating in your bedroom.  During the winter months, heating your house has a tendency to dry out air, in winter months air conditioners make it cold and dry. This air is entering your body through nasal passages and airways that are easily susceptible to being dried out by this air.  This drying of the airways is a main reason for many CPAP therapy related complaints:

·     My mouth is dry

·     My nose constantly runs

·     I’m congested

·     My device makes me sneeze

The simplest way to combat these common CPAP complaints is through use of heated hydration.  Heated CPAP hydration humidifies and heats the air in your device before it is forced into your airway.  You don’t want the air to be hot, but simply warm and humid. You will probably need to change the heat setting based on the time of year, so you keep a consistent temperature year-round.   Your heat setting, and respiration rate will be the main factor in how much hydration you use each night.  

The most common CPAP usage complaints are related to not using the proper CPAP heated hydration. Dry, cold air forced into the airway will dry out the nasal passages and airways.  This drying creates a cascade of events that cause many side effects like runny nose, mucus buildups, sneezing etc.  But heated hydration can fix these issues simply and effectively. Make sure you’re using your CPAP heated hydration to ensure the best CPAP experience.