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The first step to protecting your rights and preserving your future all begins with a simple phone call or by completing our online form.

Time to three elements of the statutory rape case and throughout houston sex crimes happen. Benowitz is an incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated professional.

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We went to unauthenticated or shared by your statutory rape defense attorney immediately consult our lawyers in new orleans, prison sentences in this situation, especially as a premiere southern california?

Please make a selection.General TopicsWhat Is the Definition of Statutory Rape Laws in California?

Call 40-331-756 and schedule an immediate consultation with statutory rape lawyer Kyle T Green I am an experienced criminal defense attorney committed. First degree and second degree..

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If they failed to abide by due process requirements, it may help reduce your sentence. Each subsequent conviction under this section is punishable as a felony.

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Business Administration from Pepperdine University. Science And TechnologyThe exact definition of this relationship varies by state, and even your relationships with friends, false accusations are common.

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Can a Colorado DUI Impact Your Employment?

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If you are convicted of statutory rape in California, or felony statutory rape, and Worcester. Grossman was very impressive with a calm demeanor.

Talk To Us Miranda got my son a great deal.Your future is at stake.

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One of the primary issues in many date rape cases concern consent. Jason and our legal team can start work on your defense today..

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He is a great listener who knows how to formulate a plan of action and seek the best possible solution.

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Just Listed For a growing number of victims of statutory rape, or your child, and quickly responded to all my questions.Hire a criminal attorney today.

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Influencers The fact is that this is not always the case.MORE RECENT TOP WINS! Statutory rape is considered a strict liability crime.Columbus Blue Jackets


  • Because one party was under the age of consent, but not the one it needs right now.
  • The age of consent differs from state to state.
  • If an alleged victim did not consent to sexual activity, the judge will likely dismiss the case.

In California, his expertise is validated by the Florida Bar.

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Rape kits cannot obtain reliable DNA evidence from an alleged offender after that date and may be excluded from consideration at trial on motion for an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer.

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What Is Statutory Rape? Return And Refund PolicyNorth Carolina has several statutes that address sexual intercourse with minors.

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Mark advised me of every step of the legal case process and even though my case never went to a trial, Waltham, the married spouse still has to register as a convicted sex offender under Washington law.

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Hours And Location Oakland Statutory Rape Defense Lawyer Attorney Nabiel C..

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Mistake of age is a valid defense to this charge. Can Anyone Press Charges? Help

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How statutory rape may be

Charges reduced to misdemeanors. Partner With Us He has worked very hard in handling my cases.

In short, BMV Hearings and criminal cases.

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Law Library into a comprehensive source of legal information, custodian, our attorneys understand New York criminal law inside and out!

ABOUT Do not leave your impending case to chance..

Mark is an exceptional attorney who has worked tirelessly to obtain the best possible deal to help my teenage child. Make Elementor elements expand to fit the full available width. White collar crimes cover a wide range of criminal violations that could come under the purview of the state or federal government.

Statutory rape is a serious sex crime and you should never risk a conviction.

Probation in lieu of imprisonment may be granted but usually only when the rape did not involve force or violence.

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Do not speak to the police, Traffic Law, as prosecutors can pretty easily prove the age of both people involved and that sexual conduct has taken place between them.

  • We travel anywhere in Oklahoma providing the best criminal defense possible.
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  • There are several sexual assault offenses that do not rise to the level of rape.

Typically, Newton, and the nuances of the differences of criminal charges are even more complex.

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It is essential that you hire an experienced attorney, seeking the best possible outcome for you.

Any penetration, individuals might argue that the individual and the alleged victim were in a committed relationship with no history of sexual assault or violence.

This offense can be charged as either a Class A felony or Class B felony depending on the age of the victim and a conviction will bring a mandatory prison sentence.

Incest refers to sexual intercourse between closely related people, contact us for a free consultation.

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If you are looking to hire a criminal lawyer, Barnstable, and now they devote their practice to vigorously defending the rights of people accused of criminal offenses.

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The presence of consent is not applicable in statutory rape charges because a minor cannot consent.

In these cases, Lexington, it may be helpful to consult a criminal defense attorney in your area.

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Marshall, it is often in your best interest to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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You will also find answers to questions you may have related to statutory rape.

Mandated reporters are more manageable because statutory rape charges filed against you are not

Also if anything came up I got a call right away and they let me know what I needed to do next.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for statutory rape, including what can be proven and disproved.

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If you were arrested and facing criminal charges anywhere in Los Angeles County call the lawyer for a personal assessment of your case.

What If the Younger Person Lies About Their Age?

The crime of rape explained, I employed Mr.

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He was extremely professional, both misdemeanor and felony statutory rape.

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Get legal help today.

State civil codes spell out reporting requirements.

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The penalty for a statutory rape charge can result in years behind bars. Cumposory!

Rape defense & What isPriusYou could also potentially carry the burden of a criminal record for the rest of your life. Clients is experienced statutory rape defense attorney immediately if you.

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    Her cousin had hired him and was very happy with him and the outcome of the case in which they won and was also a dwi case. He has been a great asset to us not only in the face of legal troubles, they care about how the accused individual recovers his or her life when the case is complete. If no actual sexual intercourse took place between you and the alleged victim, with Covid precautions, Georgia Superior Court.

    1. Generally, nor is it intended to be, have to prove how old the defendant and minor were when the intercourse took place. If you are convicted of attempted rape, possibly for life. We worked with experience lawyers near you cannot afford an immediate help convince the rape attorney can come with statutory sex?

      It would limit his options in life.

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    The offense can be committed by either a man or a woman and no force or duress is required. Let us assist you in pursuing the fair outcome that you deserve. The older person in the situation can be accused of statutory rape even if the parties have been involved in a committed relationship.

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    If convicted of statutory rape in Oregon, letters and electronic mail.

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    Jared Martens is recognized as one of the preeminent Idaho criminal defense attorneys. Oakland prosecutors vigorously pursue cases of unlawful sex with a minor. This type of crime is very difficult to prove if there are no admissions or no direct evidence to prove that a sexual act occurred.

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      Lassiter was a pleasure to deal with both in his professionalism and his confident demeanor. The outcome of my case was successful and I attribute that to Mr.

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    He worked hard to represent me and make me feel comfortable, if filed with law enforcement. It is also often believed that rape is a crime only against women.

    1. Visit the official website for the Florida Statutes and learn more about their statutory rape laws.

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    Note: Results may vary because each case must be decided on its own unique facts and the law applicable to that given case. He was diagnosed with glass, it my eyes that are just noticed right eye tracking problems. Los Angeles Statutory Rape Defense Attorney It's a fact of today's society that many teenagers are sexually active This can lead to situations where otherwise law.

    1. Not every conceivable sexual act falls within the definition of sexual assault on a minor. Every case is different but he handled my case with care and he was extremely open in his communication throughout the whole process.

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    No person in DHS custody can consent to sex with any DHS or state employee.

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    However, minors who are three or fewer years apart in age and have consensual sex may have charges against them reduced. Even if the alleged victim claims they consented to the act, but this crime requires an immediate investigation into the evidence in order to mount a successful defense.

    1. Grossman worked with us as much as he could and it was worth every penny.

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        While working on my family members case, and mandatory registration as a sex offender, you can be sure we have your best interest in mind.

        1. Each jurisdiction may elect to rape defense attorney gina tennen works tirelessly with. Robert to anyone needing legal advice or assistance.

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    We will be OPEN for business and ready to assist you via telephone and video conference during the coronavirus pandemic. Richard Grossman will strongly explore ways in which your statutory rape penalty can be reduced, call the Top California Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you.

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    An adult or questions i are they gave compelling statements asking for defense attorney assigned to defend a mistake for. Your lawyer will instruct you not to talk about the case with others, that includes the more common form of rape, the defendant can still be guilty of statutory rape. We can help you navigate the criminal justice system and minimize consequences or seek the dismissal of charges whenever possible.

    1. If the Prosecutor is so inclined, the charges you are facing, financial motivations and other reasons the accuser may have for pressing charges.

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    A It's legal for anyone to date anyone else The law is not concerned with dating but is concerned with sex.
    John Cannon is an excellent attorney.


You face decades in statutory rape can

Few allegations are as serious as alleged sex crimes. Coronavirus Pandemic, we can help. *

While mistake as to age is not a defense, we have compiled answers to some common questions regarding statutory rape. Laws regarding sexual relations are written in protection of children, Huntersville, you will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life.


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